User Rating: 3.7 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
I have been a huge fan of the MVP series from EA Sports. When EA Sports decided to not make them anymore, I was pissed. So i decided to try out something new, and i was decidng what to get. Since this game has had "great ratings", i decided to go with this one and play it out first. Ok, first off, im tired of hearing everybody **** about the baserunning. Whoopee! At least it isnt has bad as the HITTING!!!. The hitting format of this game is completely and utterly pathetic!!. MVP Baseball had a wonderful format,

1. Hit the ball where its thrown at
2. Use the analog stick to decide where u want to hit it at


Instead, its like playing an updated version of ken griffey jr's slugfest. Timing my rebel ass! I can count how many times i ended up punching the hell of the TV after i hit a good pitch and it ends up being a groundball to 3rd. I have fiddlefaddled with the AI options, so instead of hitting groundballs, im now hitting homeruns all the time. Wow, this is a real fun game. Please, this game is crap and the 07 is probably worse with its now batting format.