Realistic baseball with a clean presentation.

User Rating: 9 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
Gameplay 8/10: There are hits and misses here. As noted in the headline, the overall presentation of the game is VERY nice, and the most realistic baseball game i've ever seen by far. (though the last ones i've owned were Mario Baseball on GC, and Ken Griffey Baseball for the N64, lol). instant homeruns are nice to watch, as well as turning double plays and all the little things that make this a great game. there is TONS of content, even more so than what'd you get in a Madden NFL game. you can read the GS review for details on what kind of content this game offers. the fact that you can play with the gameplay options to automate certain things while doing others manually is a nice addition. the default controls are a little quirky, mostly for fielding, but it just getting used to.... As for batting, its pretty fun. On the easier difficulty levels, all you have to do is time the pitch right and general location with the left analog stick. You have the option of guessing the pitch type beforehand (and the general location in veteren mode) and if u guess right, the spot will light up in the strike zone before the pitch is thrown. If you time it right and tilt the L stick just right, your batter has alot of extra power in the swing, and for power hitters, this means a homerun about half the time. that is if u guess the pitch type and location coming your way, which doesnt happen all that often, but is a sweet reward when it does.... the controls on fielding are can make way for some frustration when weak grounders get past your infield cuz your shortstop didnt respond quick enough, but thats only if you have a bad defensive team. one of the cool things about this game, is it really takes individual player strengths and weaknesses into account. top notch pitches have faster fastballs, more looping break balls, and much more deceptive changeups. Ichiro and Guerrera have rocket arms in right field, and top notch infielders react to balls hit in play faster than rookie ones... as with most sports games, the competition keeps it addictive, and the computer AI is very good and realistic in this game, with intentional walks in key situations and throwing sinkers down to try to get you to ground into a DP when a runner is on first, etc. It really takes real baseball into strategy when playing, and is the first game i ever seen do so. Graphics 8/10: Player models look pretty good, but backgrounds are not so great, even the ballparks themselves could use some touch up. There are lots of frame rate issues here, like when a ball is hit just foul. everything on the field looks exceptional though. But when a homerun ball is hit, it sort of bounces off whatever it lands on in the bleachers and doesnt look real by any means. As for graphics, that'd be my biggest gripe right there, making the homerun balls look cheesy when bouncing in the bleachers. (and realistically, balls are supposed to bounce in the bleachers in real life, lol, but its hard to describe what i mean, you'd have to see it) All the details put into each stadium and such are nice touches on the graphics too.

Sound 7/10: bleh, the soundtrack aint all that, but at least it has more variety than Fight Night or NBA Street. the sounds during the game sound pretty life like, which chants from the crowd sometimes, music clips in the background from the stadium DJ, etc. The commentating is pretty good and quite extensive, but can be contradicting VERY frequently, which are just computer errors, but it takes away from the aspect of being in a real game. Value: can anyone say "content"? Tilt: best baseball game i ever seen, but has room to improve too.