mlb 06 the show is simply the best baseball game available!

User Rating: 9.4 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
This game has everything you want in a good baseball sim. it is not one of those crappy manager sims where you control the team, it is actual baseball, with a variety of player models, pitches and batting techniques. i am a huge fan of mvp 2005. this game set the standard for a high quality baseball video game. mlb 06 the show is no different. you might be thinking why not get a next-gen game like mlb 2k6? this game is crap. i don't know what they were thinking when they made this game, but it wasn't baseball! maybe the 2k7 game will be better. since i have a 360 i would really like a good, high quality 360 game to play. in case you didn't know, none of these games has barry bonds in it. something about the major league baseball players union. not sure exactly. but if you want a good baseball game that doesn't have crappy fielding errors, weird stuff happening, and generally, a bunch of mayhem... you need mlb 06 the show... as far as the 2007 season, i am hoping mlb 2k7 will be ALOT better than mlb 2k6!! if not, i will get mlb 07 the show! go giants!!!