Read this review if you want something for a beginners point of view plus im English :)

User Rating: 9 | MLB 06: The Show PSP
Well i got this game yesterday and i am completely new to baseball -- i watch it but didnt really understand it (durrrr) anyways im now fully aware of all the rules etc etc

ok pros: pitching (tech term :) is really easy to do - fielding is great fun although sometimes the men can be a little erratic excellent graphics and batting is kool check this -- if you hit the ball too hard your bat snaps in half and flies off i laugh everytime it never gets old

commentery is pretty good and the sound effects too Cons ---Batting really does take getting used to i play about 3-4 hours and didnt have a clue wot i was doing as theres no training etc but now im good after playing 10+ hours

ok loading times are long its about 2mins to load to a game but theres loadsa text and helpful stuff to keep you entertained Crowd looks awful - remiscent of something on the nes -- just a flat crowd that is always standing

id like it to let you see your player do a home run instead of panning the camera into the sky full of fireworks Roundoff

whether your a newbie or a expert at baseball you will love this and im english and i think its amazing all i now ask is to start releasing baseball games on other consoles in uk e.g 360 so i can have online (psp has too but havnt tried as im not wireless)


Daniel (dandoc2)