MLB the show 06 is still one of the best psp games out today!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | MLB 06: The Show PSP
i bought it like 3 weeks ago at gamestop for only $8.99 and i was not dissappointed. the gameplay is really fun, you can either play as a franchise where you make all the decisions, like who starts, where they bat, pitching rotation, drafting rookies in the off season, player trades, re-signing players in the off season, signing free agents, etc. or as yourself rising through the minor leagues on your way to the majors!! when you play as yourself you can interact with the ball clubs manager, you can ask him for more playtime, better position on the batting lineup, change of defensive position, or you can complain to the media about your manager and demand a trade!!! the career mode is awsome and gives you the feeling of being an actual pro ball player. you can even work out your contract with your manager. the animations are nice and smooth, and the controls are very simple. this game is truely a must have for baseball fans and psp fans alike. im more of a football guy, but this game is just so fun!!! i havent been able to put it down! lol.