Everything you want in a baseball game on one disc. MLB '06: The Show gets the job done.

User Rating: 9 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
MLB '06: The Show is the best baseball game since MVP Baseball 2005. Lets just put it that way. With all the other attempts to make a good baseball game since MVP 05, this one is the one we have all been waiting for. The game play is pretty easy to learn. Which is always good. Its pretty much the same as other baseball games. Meaning hitting and pitching and defense. Its just that MLB '06: The Show makes it seem so well balanced. It just fits. The graphics are good, they could be better. The players look good for the most part. You have many options in the create a player section. So it will be rare to find a player that looks a like. Plus, you can always use the eye toy to place your face on your player. There are many game modes. Career mode is the most interesting to me. You create your player and follow him through the minors and into the majors, and in the end, hopefully the Hall of Fame. MLB '06: The Show has everything you will need to keep yourself interested for a while. A big reason why, is that this game is FUN! Every baseball fan should own this game. Actually, any gamer should have this game in their collection. Its that good.