INCREDIBLE! I was totally caught off guard with this game!! This was to be a "hold over" till MLB 2k6 came out

User Rating: 9.8 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
This is by far the game i will stick with throughout the season. I just went into a local Gamestop in Philly last Friday 3/10/06, just to look at some games, and check out when MLB 2k6 was being least when "that store" got it. While browsing, i had heard of another baseball game out a few days earlier; it was in fact...MLB 06 The Show. I thought, eh, i'll try it out, it will NEVER compare to MVP BASEBALL, but i'll give it a whirl.
So i paid the 40 bucks or whatever it was and walked out of that Gamestop, on Frankford Ave in Philly with really NO EXPECTATIONS whatsoever!! Just a flimsy little ballgame to get me through till the 21st when 2K6 came out.

Well, needless to say i will NOT be purchasing the 2K6 version this year!! I have found the game that made me forget about MVP Baseball (no, NOT 06) and that is MLB The Show!!!!!!!!!! As i stated, i was BLOWN AWAY buy this game...i had no idea that it would be this good... I mean...a game with "The any good???....NO WAY...Well i was proved wrong, and i haven't stop playing it since i bought it last Friday!!!!
I encourage anyone, who loved the old MVP Pro baseball (2003-2005), you might wanna think about giving this game a try!!!! BELIEVE ME when i say, i WAS skeptical, when i first popped it in my ps2....which incidently i havent even touched since i got my XBOX..., and needless to say, im TOTALLY SATISFIED with this new baseball sim...MLB 06 THE SHOW!!!!