Save yourself the trouble...pick up a more recent version.

User Rating: 2.5 | MLB 06: The Show PSP
Bought this game used because I LOVE baseball games. Trouble is that I picked up the '06 version in '08. None of the online stuff (including downloading updated rosters) works. I just get connection time-outs. No online play (which was part of why I chose this version) anymore, no updates, just a basic baseball game. While it's not bad as a stand-alone play-by-yourself game, I was really looking forward to the advertised challenge of taking on other live players. And now that I have one that advertises it but doesn't still support it, I'm not as likely to get a more recent version.

While the gameplay is very decent, and animations equally so, I'm just too disappointed to keep playing. The Career Mode is a nice touch, and I did create myself in the game, but it gets too tempting after a bunch of long games to not "skip to next at-bat." This means that I sacrifice my farm club's success for my own. And the instructions aren't very clear that "bat right" and "bat left" aren't switch-hitting stats, but how you bat vs pitchers that are righty or lefty.