MLB 06 The Show, made me play MVP College Baseball even more!!!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 6.1 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
MLB 06 The Show, made me play MVP College Baseball even more. This game is such an inferior product to MVP it makes me sick. At no point in the game do you feel you have control of anything. The pitching is OK at best. The hitting is subpar, and that guess a pitch makes me sick. If you are sitting on a fastball you dont need the computer to tell you its coming before the pitcher throws the ball. Fielding and throwing is the worst part of the game, I mean come on with that stupid camera angles they give you when the ball is hit, or when the ball is hit well you dont even see the homerun or long fly ball untill its to late. Now throwing the ball just tap the button boy that is fun NOT!!!!!! and the way the ball is released from the infield is so ugly and not life like at all. But some how actually make the outfielders arms look good because I dont know about you but i have never in my life seen a right fielder throw a pop fly to a 2nd baseman in my life. In short if this is going to be the best baseball game out this year for MLB fans I am going to suggest sucking it up and watch the real games on TV and Play you Video game baseball using MVP College Baseball 06 because it is a far superior game.