Lots of improvements and room for more

User Rating: 8.8 | MLB 06: The Show PSP
This being the second MLB baseball game released by Sony for the PSP is a big improvement from last years.To start it off if this is the minature version of what will be on the PS2 get the console version also.My biggest pet peeve of MLB last year was why is the catcher NOT throwing the ball back to the pitcher?Yes,it might be minor flaw,but if you are a baseball fan the most annoying thing is that darn ball, all of the sudden magically showing up in the pitcher's hand.The baseball players look like themselves,the previous version of MLB.I played the Yankees and Mike Mussina looked alot like Derek Jeter on the mound.That's a no-no,this season everyone looks like themselves.The rosters seem to be updated,well I know Johnny Damon is in center field that's all that really matters.The layout for the game has been overhauled so you feel like your at the game which is pretty neat.You have a career mode as well as season.In career mode you start off with spring training and we all know how important that is.Now for the what still needs improvement...where's the umpires??There's nothing worse than a batter arguing a call and he's yelling at air,the catcher is not paying him any attention.There are no umpires at all in the game.Other than that,it's great improvement from last years game and still room for more enhancements next season.MVP Baseball might have done us a favor being last year as it's last,I would never known how great MLB was.They wasn't so hot when they were known as 989 but they've come a long way,baby.PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!!!