MLB 06 The Show is a fun baseball game for the PSP with a great Online Mode.

User Rating: 8.5 | MLB 06: The Show PSP
MLB 06 The Show is your typical baseball game. It pretty much has the same rules, and the same gameplay as previous MLB games.

The controls are smooth and they allow for easy and fun play. Although it feels good, if you haven't spent a lot of time with your PSP, it might be a little difficult the first time, but after a while you get the hang of it.

The graphics are great to look at, but I feel that they could have done better. The faces of the players don't necessarily look exactly as their real life counterparts. Instead, they look more like a created player.

The commentators do an excellent job, just like the real thing on TV. There are no flaws in it really. They never mess up on a player's name or the play that was just made so they really did well on that feature.

MLB 06 The Show features a new career mode which basically allows you to create a player and put him on any team and make him a star. The whole point is to become famous while at the same time leading your team to the World Series and even winning it as well.

The Season Mode is the same as any other MLB game, or sports game. You pick one team, and try to take them to the top and win the World Series. Nothing really updated in that feature.

The Game Modes are lacking. Although there is Career Mode, Season and Exhibition Mode, there are only two mini-games for you to play. That is Home Run Derby, and King of the Diamond. While both of them are fun, in the end you will feel like you need a little more to fulfill your mini-game needs.

The Online Mode is possibly the best feature in this game. You can create your own unique username and profile and enter in this chat room. In that chat room, you have the ability to challenge any player you want, or discuss things with other players.

Although the Online Mode is the best feature, it also as it's downside. PSP owners can only challenge other PSP owners and not PS2 owners. And vice versa. Seeing as most people end up buying the PS2 version, don't expect a whole bunch of people playing online with you.

Overall the game is great, the graphics are good. They need to work a little bit on the player's and especially the crowd. The commentary, and music is excellent. This game is a must have for baseball fans and non baseball fans.