Even though EA's MVP professional series is dead, SCEA proves that baseball is still alive and well.

User Rating: 8.4 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
I bought this game on a whim. I had been a die hard fan of EA's MVP baseball series until they lost their MLB license and was positive I couldn't love a baseball game again. Then I played The Show. This game did everything as well as MVP did, if not better. The gameplay is awesome, it is very realistic, except for the fact that every outfielder can throw a laser to home plate every time. The best part is that when you throw a pitch you pick where the ball starts, so you have to account for where it will land according to rotation. The soundtrack is pretty good, for the first 6 hours or so. After that it gets kind of annoying. The same ten songs are all that the game offers you during the selection screens. It only gets bad if you do the fantasy drafts. As for the comentary it is great. Graphically this game isn't wonderful. This maybe due to the fact that we are now spoiled by the next gen systems and expect the best. It is nothing to complain about but the squarish characters can get bothersome if you concentrate on them

Overall this game is a blast. It has kept me busy for many hours and is just plain fun. It doesn't do anything incredibley new but it does prove that even though EA is no longer going to be making MLB games someone out there is still going to bring us the same quality we have come to expect.