Great game, not MVP but still good

User Rating: 8.6 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
This is a great baseball sim. Its not as good as the MVP series but then agien what was. It doesnt bring anything new realy but what it does have it executes nicely. The different modes are fun to try and makes the replay value very high. Also with a new mode added in thier is something new in the game besides the hitting and minnigames( they are also pretty fun) All the teams are thier and so are all your favorite players. Also thier is the addition to unlock alot of goodys like old players, jerseys, and stadiums. to bad you cant unlock a new anouncer lol :) well the sound in this game isnt the greatest but it will do. Also the graphics are the best to date and realy inhance the look of the players and fields. There are a few bad things about the game though. The fielding and ai arnt the greatest and sometimes you can beat them very effertlessly and get tons of errors in doing so. Also the fact that my favorite player is on the cover makes it a must buy for a ps2 baseball owner!