A definite inductee into the baseball hall of fame

User Rating: 9.3 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
After playing MVP Baseball 2005 a lot , because i love that game, i decided to buy this game beause of the seemingly high realism and fun level. I was right and have been playing this game constantly since i bought it its a sweet game!

Gameplay:Great realism playing on veteran mode for me, good variety too, lost a game 12-3 won 6-1 lost 5-1 won 1-0, good stuff!

Graphics:Players show resemblence to their real counterparts, there are some odd graphical gliches though such as a player removing his hat, and he is still wearing one underneath,and sometimes jumps between animtions, sweet presentation though! but one thing sometimes its hard to see the ball on the ground, i love the overlays!

Sound:Sound effects are good, music is OK, commetary is spot on, i love the commetary.

Value:Good long term playability, deep franchise, sweet career mode, minigames, yee-hoo good value!

Tilt:I love this game palin and simple