The best baseball experience on the PSP.

User Rating: 9.5 | MLB 06: The Show PSP
The Good: Lots of customization options. Deep career and season mode. Online play. Outstanding graphics. More accurate commentary than the PS2 version. Perfect batting controls.

The Bad: No franchise mode. Decent amount of lag in online play. Fans look like cardboard. Pre-pitch options are overwhelming. Long loading times between games. Not quite as much season and career mode stats as you may want. No penalties for online quitters. Gameplay: Nearly exactly the same as the consoles version here. Same controls for fielding, pitching and batting, etc. You use the analog stick for batting and it works suprisingly very well. The small bugs that plagued the console game are also here, but they arer very minor and don't effect gameplay. And actually, many of the bugs don't appear here as they did in the PS2 version. Not much else to add here, the game is as in depth and realistic as you will get for a baseball experience. Graphics: Very nice, looks as good as the PS2 version. Sound: Decent rock soundtrack and commentar is pretty diverse. The commentary mistakes from the PS2 version don't seem to be here either :-) Value: Can anyone say, "career mode"? :-D Ooh, plus online play? :-D Online was a bit laggy, but still kinda fun. It just wasn't "perfect" like Madden online. ;-) There also aren't any penalities for people who quit on you, (like the DNF rating in Madden). So if you're winning in the 9th inning, I've never found an opponent yet that would actually finish the game. Which means it doesn't count as a win for you either. Tilt: I dunno if MLB 07 is supposed to better or whatnot, but this game is awesome. The only drawbacks would be the pretty lengthy load times the game has when starting and finishinng games. And the lack of online penalties for quitters, as well substantial lag.