The best baseball game on the market

User Rating: 9.8 | MLB 06: The Show PS2
MLB '06 The Show is here and damn is it good. Last year I was a huge fan of EA's MVP Baseball. Overall it was a fantastic game of baseball, I mean everything about it was flawless. I was skeptical when my choices had been slimmed down to either the show or 2k6. I had waited for 2k6's release date and when the reviews came out I was furious. I can't believe I waisted my time waiting for a crappy baseball game. I decided to get the show, and it turns out the true baseball game I should've gone had been on sale for the extra month I waited. Graphics wise, it's pretty good. I've been playing the 360 a lot so it's not like startling or anything. I did notice that some of the faces were astoundingly close to the real life counter parts (Giambi, A rod). The commentary in this game is good but nothing to scream joyfully about. Where I think this game scores a ten is the gameplay. Everything is smooth and overall gives for a fun long lasting game of baseball. Even if you don't have online there's the career mode and the franchise which can lost quite sometime. The online is excellent except that a lot of people quit midway through the game if they're getting pounded. They need to work on a few glitches and change the way you find games online because some people leave their playstations idle, so you're requesting a game and don't recieve any response. All in all this is the best baseball game I've played (yes better than mvp). I really hope 2k sports gets their act together because I really would much rather play baseball on the 360 than the ps2.