The impressive visuals don't do enough to mask this games boring and often times, broken gameplay.

User Rating: 4 | Mission: Impossible GBC
When I first started playing Mission Impossible I saw that the top view and controls were that of an adventure game and so I set off into the world only to be seen by a bad guy and shot dead. This game is unforgiving in its difficulty and dying means that you'll lose a life and have to start the level over. This event, should you choose to try and complete this game will happen to you A LOT. The basic mission formula is as follows: you receive a briefing telling you what to look for. After that you run around aimlessly looking for said object. Then they tell you to find something else and escape usually. You are able to use a number of gadgets during your mission but this is not all that exciting as it is always the case that it will be auto selected for you to use it by pressing the interact button. The enemy AI characters patrol back and forth in a straight line and if you are in the line of sight they start shooting. If you get hit you die. Luckily their sight is quite narrow in an unrealistic and mind numbingly dumb manor. They apparently can only see directly in front of them. Their lack of periphery sometime causes them to walk right past you in an open desert. As for the graphics and sound, they are the only quality aspects of the game. The animations are fluid and impressive and the iconic theme plays at the title screen and the level music is varied. Unfortunately though some of the sound is annoying especially when you kill and enemy as a prolonged loud ringing follows. So I suppose that this games production values are high but not enough to warrant a recommendation for me.