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User Rating: 7.9 | Minesweeper PC
Timeless, even when i have 3-d games out before me, this little game still attracts me. Maybe it's play anytime any place kind of play, but this little logic game has all sorts of its own mini rules that you have to figure out to really beat the game in a low time.

The gameplay is amazing. While it appears overly simplistic, it's simply addictive as much as if not more than tetris. For the logically minded, this game is great though i can see how some people might not like it. People who like sudokou will probably like this game.

Graphics. Seriously, there are no graphics in this game. A point for the smiley face though.

No sound.

It's free. Of course the computer isn't free, but the game is so immersive for its free pricetag. Really great.

I love this game. I really do, it's been my companion when my mom cut off my internet and hw and etc. I've played this after riveting action games and i still feel adrenaline rushing through me as i try racing against my high score in hard mode. I'm a minesweeper junkie and i love to death this simple game.