I don't know why the heck anyone is still writing reviews for this game. Even so, it is a wonderful and timeless game.

User Rating: 8.1 | Minesweeper PC
Minsweeper is the height of puzzle gaming. It has survived over 14 years of PC transformation and still holds something that keeps you coming back for more. The beginner lever is only to see if you can beat it under 5 seconds, whereas the intermediate and expert levels are somewhat challenging. Many do not appreciate the will and mind-power that this game requires. Also, most people can't even grasp the simple concept of the game. Many have been quote as saying things such as; "Minesweeper? Aren't those ships?", or even "What the heck does that 2 mean?" It is truly the epitamy of felling cool when you can amaze friends, family, and significant others with your handle on the complex control scheme. "Wait, you can right-click twice to do something different!!!" Though it may not have the complex graphic and sound that many games of today possess, but that familiar, yet somehow exhilerating, beeping can drive your adrenaline up the wall. This game holds alll of the essential elements that every game requires. Let us hope that Microsoft will continue to install minesweeper on all computers for all eternity.