Minesweeper misses the point of Windows gaming

User Rating: 5 | Minesweeper PC
Minesweeper, 100% misses the point of windows gaming.

WIndows gaming is usually done at work or when you are looking to flatline for a while inbetween events or studying.

This is too much thinking...yes i like to think, no im not an idiot - what im saying is this is the wrong place for this game.

If i wanted to think id play a strategy game like civilization or command and conquer which only takes like 30 seconds to load...I'f im at work chances are I can only sneak in a few clicks - so obviously solitare is a much better option most folk unless you have some amazing job where you are required to do basically nothing all day and have like 15-20 minutes straight of time to kill then you are:

A) Lucky
B) A candidate to play minesweeper

All other people with: real jobs, better things to do @ home....dont bother.