Quite simply, the greatest entertainment experience currently available on the PC platform.

User Rating: 10 | Minesweeper PC
Minesweeper, on Windows-equipped PCs everywhere, is, quite simply, the pinnacle of the PC gaming experience.

One man stands alone in the middle of an ominous, foreboding field. We know not how he got here, nor why. Abandoned by his comrades, and deep in enemy territory, this forsaken soldier must brave this perilous battlement and find his way back home.

Minesweeper is a simple yet addictive puzzle game in which one must use logic to figure identify enemy mines. Essentially, by left-clicking on unknown squares, the player reveals the number of mines adjacent to those squares. He then figures out which squares are likely to contain mines, and flags them with his trusty right mouse button. If he successfully flags every mine, he wins. If, however, he is unfortunate enough to left-click a mine, game over. These mines pose great threat, and, if given opportunity to explode beneath one's weak point, will cause massive damage. Thus, the task of identifying these dangerous foes must be of the utmost importance.

Graphics: 10/10
-Minesweeper has quite possibly the most gorgeous visuals yet to grace the PC platform. Beautiful hand-drawn art combines with visually-compelling special effects to create a graphical spectacle that's sure to dazzle. Be warned, however: the game is extremely resource-intensive, and as a result, requires a substantial machine to run properly.

Audio: 10/10
-The sound effects in Minesweeper are some of the most immersive to be found in such a game. Make sure you enable them by checking the "Sound" option in the "Game" menu! The soundtrack, though lacking any melodic or harmonic structure, nevertheless captures the intense struggle that the game provides, and does so in a very ambient, modern style.

Plot: 10/10
-As summarized earlier in the review, Minesweeper features an immersive and intricate plot. Fraught with action, romance, and betrayal, the game keeps one glued to the monitor until the very end, and leaves him begging for more.

Gameplay: 10/10
-Minesweeper's gameplay is simple to learn, yet easy to master. The basic concepts of play are extremely accessible and can be learned within minutes. The challenge, however, comes from the variable difficulty. The game allows users to opt for either Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert modes, and an additional Custom option allows for games ranging from 9x9 to 24x30 grids, and from 10 to 667 mines. The game is fun and addictive, and quite engaging for players of all ages.

Overall: 10/10
-Minesweeper is a visually stunning, audibly engaging game with simple yet challenging gameplay that is sure to delight gamers for years to come.