When you're surfing the internet and it's taking forever for a page to load, that's when Minesweeper shines.

User Rating: 9 | Minesweeper PC
Throughout your adventures on the vast and mighty Internet, thou haseth probably encountered sacred pages thy which took eons to unfold. How haseth thou responded to such situations? Though might've been a statue, waiting for milleniums passively for the page to load. Though might've accomplished the feat of explaining more obscenities than the legendary AVGN himself. Thou doeseth the above reactions not satisfy thou? Does thou wish to take on another task during the painstaking wait? Ah, that is why the game Minesweepr has been created. It comes free with thou PC and is the perfect antidote for your vain.

Minsweeper iseth a simple game. The object iseth to placeth flags on top of mines (by right-clicking on suspected). If thou clicks on a mine, your digital soul will be casted into the dark valleys of a place that haseth encrypted the devil's very own soul in there to possess all of thy incoming failure souls to harvest them into spherical machines of eternal doom, which shall in turn devastate thou world with fear, hate, sin, sorrow, and diabolical cream puffs, which shall speed to process of the apocalypse, which iseth also known as the second coming of Jack Thompson. Basically, if thou fails, then thou deserves to have thy nuts be neutered, thou ****ing worthless pile of steaming dog ****. Though if thou clicks on a square without a mine, a number shall appear through blatant wizardry, indicating how many mines are surrounding thy square's parameters. Once thou clicks on all the squares and indicated all of the loacations of thy mines correctly, then thou haseth won thy game. To celebrate thou triumphant victory, thy circle of everlasting yellow shall equip a pair of sunglasses. If thou wishes to embark on another dangerous task of locating thy mines, then thou must simply click on the circle of everlasting yellow. Then thou shall go through the entire process all over again.

Thy replayability of thy game iseth remarkable. Thou can replay this game for an eternity. It's a short simple game. That iseth why thy game is superior to all thy rest. It shall forever interline that void of time when thou iseth waiting several eternities for a page to unravel itself. This game game iseth a classic, and shall forever remain in our hearts as thy game that which shall valiantly slaughter the pernicious dimension that which is also know as time. It iseth thy devil. Nothing in all of existance is more devious, more deplorable, more monstrous, more lamentable, more scandalous, more notorious, more egregious, more schlocky, more odious, more repulsive, more loathsome, more abominable, more detestable, more despicable, more contemptible, more reprehensible, more fetid, more wretched, more execrable, more detrimental, more noxious, more mephitic, more venomous, more venenate, more veneniferous, more malignant, more malevolent, more malefic, more corrosive, more inauspicious, more atrocious, more heinous, or more nefarious than time. That is why Minesweeper is considered to be the ultimate divine intervention. It shall heroicly destroy that time during thy loading of thy pages.

Or you could just get a better Internet connection.