The concept is fun, but the execution was terrible.

User Rating: 4 | Miner Wars 2081 PC
This game reminds me of the old Descent games. I was pretty excited to read that it was an open-world type of game where you could tunnel through asteroids, etc. It was pretty fun for the first few minutes until I realized that you could run out of ammo, fuel, AND oxygen, and all three are in short supply. It was then that I lost enthusiasm for the game because finding fuel and oxygen, as well as repairing your ship make that the focus of the game, instead of the missions or stories. I barely paid any attention to the mission or enemy because I was always looking for the next fuel, ammo, repair, or oxygen pod. That sucked all the fun right out of the game. I uninstalled it shortly after.

It would have been a much funner game if there were stations that allowed you to refuel, refit and repair based on credits earned or something like that on the way to the stations.