Dig it! Simple and addictive gameplay will keep you digging deeper.

User Rating: 8 | Miner Dig Deep X360
Miner: Dig Deep can be found among the highest rated Indie Games via the Game Marketplace for good reason. The concept is simple and the gameplay is solid. Essentially you play the game in round trips from the surface to as far down as you can dig before your light and your nerves give out. You'll then have to journey back up to the surface to replenish your supply of kerosene and gas. And save. I can't emphasize how important saving every time you resurface is.

This simple gameplay, although repetitive, is compelling and addictive. On your journeys below ground you will collect various gems and ore which can be cashed in on the surface towards upgrades. It's the drive towards the next upgrade and towards discovering the unknown below. You'll certainly be at your witts ends at times but simply unable to put the controller down so you can make "just one more trip down". It's addicting and satisfying when you finally earn the larger lattern you've been desperately working for and suffering without. I am currently well below 1000 levels deep and I see no end in sight...and that is what keeps you playing. There must be a bottom to this mine somewhere, right? We sure hope so. The longest elevator available will only take you down 100 levels and they tend to move at a less than satisfying rate of speed. It can really be a test of patience when you are traveling several minutes of real world time just to get back to where you were and continue your digging progress. I wish they included a 2-way teleporter at set intervals or at least give you an option to turn your latern on/off to save on kerosene. It starts to feel like a chore when your latern is nearly half burned out by time you get back to your current digging progress and there is really no way to get there any faster. This will, however, keep you playing that much longer to get to the next latern upgrade.

Bottom Line: This is an excellent and unique game for merely 200 MS points ($2.50US).