In my opinion this is the #1 or #2 Indie game on the Marketplace. It cost 80 MS Points and is worth every single point!

User Rating: 8.5 | Miner Dig Deep X360
Wow is all I can say about Miner Dig Deep. It may look retro BUT offers outstanding in depth game play that keeps you coming back for more. You play as a very small miner that wears a yellow hat, jean overalls and squeaks every time he jumps (Trust me you will laugh the first time you hear him). You start out with basic equipment and a small mine that gives you decent treasures, but don't worry because game play doesn't stop there. You can create a deep complex mine to find rich treasures, upgrade equipment and acquire new equipment along the way. This isn't the easiest game either because you have to use strategy on how to expand the mine but also reach the surface without getting stuck. Remember if you fall to far you will die and lose what you collected during that time. The same goes if you are digging and a boulder falls on you too. Just be careful when you are digging and also make sure you have plenty of kerosene gas when you go down to dig. Overall Miner Dig Deep may look simple and cheesy but it's a classic game for even the hardcore gamers.