God, You have to play THIS GAME!!!!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Minecraft (Classic) PC
If you've heard of people going Minecraft, MINECRAFT Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft! And you've never heard of it then I'll get you up to date!
Minecraft is a game about building anything you can imagine!!!!!
If it's a big castle or just Giant model of yourself you can do it!!!
If you're just going to play for 5 minutes and are gonna promise to swap over with a friend you won't!! You don't wanna let GO!!!
It clings to you so much!! It is truly amazing! (I personally like Beta 1.4_01)
Some people might say lololol!!!! Why not play on a server and say to the locals HI!
I wanna rap this up with random words!!!!!!
ktmkje ejiengkmwen ijnbwmf wkjenfw fkwn fwkjw fkjw fkjw cnwb djhjfufn jfnfdjdmfkrfnrhj PINEAPPLE! jirjikrj iwjfiwjfk CHOCALATE
Mining some DIAMONDS On the X360 not on PS3 :( !!!!!!! Anyway this has been a review by MaxHForever!