Patience and creativity mixed with a lot of charm. How will you take it ?

User Rating: 9 | Minecraft (Classic) PC
This is a creative, adventurous, totally un-linear,creative survival horror.
It also has no tutorial or explanation of what to do or where to go.

Which in my books, is brilliant.

No tutorial means this games learning curve is really hard, but if it had a tutorial it would not seem like a do-what-you-can-and-find-out-what-to-do-by-yourself kind of experience.

This game is so hard to explain. I'll put it like this

A game with a story of which you have to find out yourself.

A game with no tutorial that makes you find out things for yourself.

A game that has no learning curve what so ever.

This game is what you make it.

Just be prepared to be patient.

It's... It's like getting thrown into a world with absolutely no supply's and having no body there to tell/ask what to do.

Play this game. If you want an experience like no other.

"Un-Linear" can not be stressed enough.

Enjoy !