User Rating: 7 | Minecraft PC

I played minecraft for 30 hours in one month. 10 hours survival, 10 hours creative and 10 hours multiplayer. I will give my honest opinion on all 3 of them. I was one of the persons that used minecraft as a meme but I forgot how much fun it could be.

SP survival:

I had a lot of fun in in survival cause I really love open world exploring games. you can't upgrade youself, you can only upgrade your equipment. I think it would be good to see like a perks system like in fallout so you can make your own unique character. survival is a easy to learn game mode of minecraft.

SP creative:

I can still remember that I was playing a lot of crative in the past. it was kinda difficult cause there wasn't a lot of choice in blocks. now you can build a lot more things. but for some reason I enjoyed it less than back in the days. but maybe that is because I played it to much in the past. overall survival is a fun gamemode is you have a creative mind and if you love placing a lot of block for long amounts of time.


muliplayer is really a lot of fun if you play it with friend. when I played solo in mp I had less fun. there are a lot of gamodes to choose from. I would like to see a in-game surver list and a friend list to it would be easier to play together and find servers. if you find a server and gamemode you like then this will probably be the place where you spend most of you time playing minecraft

In conclusion:

minecraft is a fun to play game but I think they should change the price back to 20$ cause I would not pay 25$ for it.