A Unique Game

User Rating: 10 | Minecraft PC

I have to say I took some time to take interest for this game, but I'm glad I did. It seemed ugly and for children, than I started playing and for a month I would do nothing else in my life. This game is unique, and although some people prase it's online features, the main quest really did it for me. After I played on easy I started everything again and played on hard, so I would take more interest in doing some traps when I need to kill some monsters, and that was a blast.

Caught my attention how I thought this would be a more casual game, and then I was afraid inside a dungeon, terrified in the nether, that I would call hell at the time, making provisions, walking slowly... This game is capable of bringing tension without constant combat, it's all about atmosphere, and although visually it seems simple and childish, this game is very deep, the funny monsters can be terrifying inside a dark cave. The last boss was very well thought, definitively not hard, but having not to look to any endermen brings an almost mystic experience to this battle. No wonder that this game a world success.