ViciousCircleMc - NOW 1.4.6[SURVIAL] [FACTIONS][ECONOMY][BUKKIT][24/7]

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Server Name: Vicious Circle Website: Server Address: Game Play Type/s: Survival, Economy, Factions, Skyworld [World 1], Wild West [World 2] Vicious Circle is a Minecraft 1.4.5 Server, in which you can have all the fun you like. We have friendly staff, a very nice spawn area with an Admin Shop , in which you can buy most of the items in-game, and also you can sell some items for extra $$$ ! Vicious Circle runs Multiverse and there are 2 extra worlds for extra fun ! . World 1 : WildWest - there are no rules in the WildWest ! Griefing - Allowed; PVP - Forced on ; /home set - allowed; /home - allowed ! You always have to watch your back at the Wild West ! You have no friends there! World 2 : SkyWorld - the survival world is simple ; SURVIVE ! When you first spawn there , you are on a very small island in the sky with 1 tree, 1 bucket of lava, 1 bucket of water and you clothes! In Vicious Circle our main goal is to make our users have fun ! Feel Free to join ! VIP Packages : Server Rules : *Don't grief or steal. Either of these will get you banned. *Don't Impersonate a Mod or an Admin. This can also get you banned. *Don't ask to be a Mod or Admin, you will be warned first then banned if you continue asking. Those who ask to be a Mod or Admin will -never- be chosen to be one. *Don't type in all caps. You will be warned or possibly jailed, kicked or banned. *No racist or offensive comments, jokes, pixel art etc. *Don't cheat others when selling, buying or trading items. *Don't create redstone clocks that run unattended. They must have a mechanism to turn them off and should never be left running unattended. Cursing is allowed but keep it minimal. *Respect other players, especially members of the staff. *Don't use mods that give you an unfair advantage. This includes, but is not limited to: instant mining, x-ray and teleportation. If in doubt ask a Mod or Admin. *Fly mods are also not allowed. *Server Hardware : Server Hardware CPU: E3-1270v2,runs on a SSD - 32 GB DDR# ECC RAM ; 1TB Enterprise DHH 100MBps unmetered *Owner : Soth Admins : clydox , pabloescobar104 , bambam , VideoGoth ! Moderators : Dafuq, Tashlan , Yungskittlez *Pictures/URL - you can see some pictures on the forums ! *Other - Feel Free To join us ! The Admins are very friendly , they help all the time !