someone to play minecraft with - vanil server

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hey im 22 looking to play minecraft with someone. please atleast be 16 or older. its a fresh server. so fresh start for whoever wants to join. i want to keep it small. no more then 5 people. just hit me up on this forum. and i will psot the ip in future reference. my server will be open 24/7 and will get restarts 1 tiem a day at 3 pm est time. thanks!
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Looking for someone to play with. Thanks for your time.
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hi.. im looking to play some minecraft on vanilla survivor mode. no mods... im 28 very mature and creative and love to have a good time.. i have dolby axon for microphone chat but i will download skype or whatever u got if u interested in playing with me... shoot me a email for questions
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Wanna hear if your still looking for some1 to play with?
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Hey, been looking for some MC servers and people game with. Let me know if I can join!