Pokemon Kanto Map in Minecraft for Pixelmon Mod

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For about a month, me and three other people worked on a Kanto region recreation for Pixelmon. We have finished and it is now 100% complete, including interiors and puzzles such as Silph Co., Power Plant, Celadon Dept. Store, and a fully functional Safari Zone! Every gym is also setup and ready to take on, along with the Elite 4.

We are now working on adding every quest (such as Team Rocket stuff), NPCs to battle, and hidden items. We've also added accurate Pokémon spawning in long grass in their designated locations according to Pokémon Fire Red.

The Johto region is also very close to being finished!

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Pallet Town:

Route 3/Mt. Moon:

Cerulean City:

Celadon City:

Vermilion City: