New Server 1.4.7 Faction (mcmmo, mcjobs, chestshop, MyPet and more!)

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#1 Posted by sw33td3vil (25 posts) - This server is a GREAT, NoLag, No spawn griefing, Donations, Tons of players, a GREAT voting system and respectful, helpful and trustworthy staff. On this server, you have the option to 1) Play solo! Fight by yourself against other players and the mobs of the night! 2) Fight with friends! Fight with your friends against other players and survive and be the strongest group of the server! SW33T Server also has jobs and factions, allowing you to have a job to bring in the extra cash for you or your friends to create a faction which only costs $100 in-game dollars! This will allow you to make a faction name of whatever your choice may be up to 10 characters and claim land so nobody can break your blocks that you have placed, unless they overclaim it by your faction having low power. Hardcore Faction PvP Server. You want war? With fair battle? You are the right place we got the best admin and helper to make your experience the best one available out there! We got some nice plugin like mcMMO, mcJobs, diguisecraft, ChestShop, MyPet, Bloodmmon, Battle Arena and Scavenger (don't lose your inventory on death!) and much more! More than 30 plugin for now and a real shop with a player controlling it selling and buying your stuff! No white list just fun! Video : Website: Come join us!