Minecraft really slow

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I have a i7 processor, 8 gigs of ram, and a geforce gtx 570..and run battlefield 3 just fine

then i get to minecraft and my computer is about to **** a brick. It's almost acting like its the processor or the ram because the game is unplayably stuttery. I could play it fine for a bit, but then I resized my window to be bigger and that brought it back to a screaching hault

messing with the settings helped a bit but not enough, and i dont even think i should need to mess with the settings in the first place. 

Once i leave the game and get to the menu it runs totally fine, so its not like my processor is bogged down by other things



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try checking your render distance? render distance on far can make your minecraft pretty slow. try making the render distance lower like on short or tiny. you might not enjoy the game as much but it decreases the lag (the stuttery movements.) also try getting this mod on minecraftforum.net called optifine. it cdan decrease lag a lot but that is optional. hope this helped