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Welcome to ElderCrest! No Whitelist! 1000+ Slots. 24/7, RolePlay/Survival server! Website - http://www.eldercrest.com Server IP - mc.eldercrest.com Teamspeak - voice.eldercrest.com We are a unique PVP roleplay server split up into Districts. Each District has primary jobs the player can choose from such as miner, soldier, farmer, and more. We have many plug-ins to make the experience easy and fun. We also have events such as EpicBoss and Hunger Games, trading between districts, parkour, and more! Our community values aesthetics and adventure, things that shatter immersion should be avoided. It's suggested you even find a skin to go along with your Districts. There are six Districts: District 1- Blacksmithing and Soldiers District 2- Alchemy and Enchanting. District 3- Mining District 4- Digging and Soldiers District 5- Woodcutting and Fishing and Farming District 6- Farming and Baking The Rebel group is default, and players can essentially play regular, old fashioned Minecraft. However, you do not have any protection from the elements, and District patrons are told to kill you on sight. The Rebel group is essentially hardcore PvP survival, so beware :) Rules: -No griefing or Raiding -No spamming, caps lock, or excessive swearing -No hacked clients or X-ray -No PvP logging or flying -No home killing, TP killing -Do not ask for a promotion. You will not get it. -Staff are here to help you, not hurt you. Please don't be rude to them :) -Respect everyone, use common sense, and have fun! Staff applications are always available. We have a wide variety of Donator perks! Voting earns you a diamond per vote! Come join us today!
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The "Districts" are set up in an extremely nice way. The server looks badass now!
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Joined District 2 today. I wonder what my jobs I am assigned to.
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District 3 is so much better!!!
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District 1 beats district 3's ass.