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Our Website:

Server Info: Runs version 1.7.2, is modded, all the required mods can be aqquired through the technic launcher in a custom pack, the installation tutorial is below (modmakers I intend on obtaining permissions and doing this legit, but for now this is the easiest way to distribute the mods to all the staff participating).Hello players and contributors of minecraft, my name's Cam and I have a proposition for those of you who are willing to read the huge description ahead, but to hopefully gain your interest here is a more brief description first:

Brief DescriptionFor the last few months the Blackfern Team have been working on readying an RPG server for the public to play on and enjoy. We aim for the server to have branching quest lines, bosses, new items, leveling, random events, team play, arena gameplay, a huge expansive world to explore, new npc's to meet and chat to, and of course much more!For this dream server to become a reality we will need many many people to pitch in and help out in the creation of the server. So with this in mind I plea to you, the minecraft community to pitch in and help us out, with your help we can make this server something never seen before, something that will run so smoothly it feels like a whole new game that was built from the ground up to be an mmorpg. So come along, be sure to send in an application, we will reply!

What we have acheived thus far:

- Begun construction of the world, 90% finished construction of starting town

- Begun placing a few random wandering villagers

- Worked out how all of the village and area based quests will work

- Begun working on the area surrounding the village

- Worked out how the transportation system works

-Starting zone has been named

-Races have been decided on

-Rulers for each race have been named

-The world has been named

-Basic pantheon of Gods and Goddesses has been created

Some pictures of what we've done so far:Here is the starting town so far:









Right here is a functioning Bank:



We intend on finishing the starting area of the server so we can release it to the public as quick as possible, much more than what I have to say below will have to be done, in fact it will be a job that will go on for ever, we will always be adding more content. But as I said, here is what needs to be done initially:

- FInish off construction of the starting area and border it off with invisible blocks

- Complete the tutorial for new players

- Complete the area quests and rewards

- Complete the main quest line that is set in the starting area

- Set up all of the shops and banks in the area

- Set dynmap markers for everything- Set up the transport system

- Set up the new crafting system

- Set up the mineral regeneration of the area

- Create a custom texture pack for the server

Mods that need to be made:

- A furnace that doesn't require fuel, it is free to use, it simply takes time to smelt each ingot. Possibly different furnaces with different smelting rates. The more complex part of the mod is that the furnaces will have to be similiar to crafting tables in the way that each player has their own seperate gui allowing multiple players to smelt their own stuff at once.

- [HARD] A mod that adds leveling to the game, it has to support any mobs and crafting recipes that are added by the server through the custom npc's mod. It will have to be highly customizable and have guis and add skills to the game. It will also have to support weapons and armor added by custom npcs. More info on the mod will be given by me.

- A mod that adds more ores, trees and items/armor to the game. More info can be obtained by me.

The types of players we need:

- Urban Architects: These are those of you who are great at constructing great buildings that are beautiful to gaze upon, these are the works of art that will be admired for all who walk the streets of the great cities in the server- Great Landscapers: These are the people who are religious world editors, to qualify you have to be very proficient at world edit. Aswell as having a great understanding of real world geography so you understand how mountains and valleys should look and why they are there ie erosion and techtonic plate action.

- The Scholars: These are the people who will help come up with scripts and ideas for quests and branching questsas well as a backstory to the server.

- The AI Specialists: These are the people who will help setup all of the npcs needed in the server, you don't have to be a master at doing this yet, but you will have to be a quick learner because I'd like you to become a master eventually.

- The calculators: You will have a pretty basic job, I need you to come up with an algorithm that will determine a mobs level based off its health, speed, damage, etc

- The modders: I don't like being picky choosy, but quite frankly you have the most important role of all, without you this server will never reach the public. I need your help to code about two or three forge mods that work with multiplayer. One of the mods will have to be very advanced, if your not up to it you can work on one of the other two.

- The advertisers: I will need you to promote the server through the means of youtube and the minecraft forums

Please do not post your application here. Send them to the respective email of what you are applying for. Scholars must contact a different person thought they follow the same process.

Applying for the job:

Here is the application format I expect from you:

- Your minecraft username:

- Your name:

- Your age:

- The position you are applying for:

- Why you are applying for the server:

- Have you ever been banned from another server:

- Prior admin/moderator positions:

- Roughly where you live, ie country:

- What skills can you bring to the staff team:

- Pictures of your work (If your a builder):

- Your skype:

- Any extra comments: