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Welcome to AzuraCreative, A bit about us! I am the owner of azuracreative my ingame name is pinktigereyes, the server is a creative one for minecraft, on here we do building cities etc! you start off at tourist you do a guest build which if good enough but yourself needs improvement you go to recruit, once ranked to recruit you have a choice to carry on building or have a go at building with the land on freebuild,WARNING: ther members do build there so please be nice and keep your build away from theirs and DON'T in any terms destroy there building this is against the rules and will end up in a ban...after this it does get a little harder to rank up and the more time you spend on builds /server adds to that chance on becoming that rank you want to be..PS if your build exceeds requirements for recruit then you will skip that and go to Azuran, we aim to teach people to become better builders, so they can branch out and build wonderful things in the world of minecraft :). we also have multiple worlds too :) Ranks The ranks are:- Tourist:- plotworld, spawn Recruit:- Plotworld, freebuild, spawn Azuran:- Plotworld,freebuid,Azuran,MembersArea spawn hero:- same as azuran designer:-same as azuran council:-same as azuran Admin:- access to all worlds What does Tourist do? Tourist is the first rank, you have claim a plot world by doing /plotme auto then build as best as you can you then ask council to view your build, they will tell you if you need to improve it in some way they can of course show you, they cant build with you or help you, they also can not use World Edit or VoxelSniper. Once Council has seen your build an admin will have a look and they will rank you accordingly. Your plot is 100x100, so plenty of room to do your build :D What does Recruit do? Well recruit is the second rank, to get to this rank your build has to be good but if you need improvement, u get access to freebuild, in this world you build with the land, Build a mini town or just a house or a ship, once done it gets looked at again by council and then admin..once its proven your better you go to next rank. What does Azurans do? Yay! you are now full member your build is good enough to be transformed in to a city into the main world of Azura, in this world many cities will be getting made and will all hopefully join up and make a big one, You also get a members plot these are 500x500 and you are unlimited to how many you can of course now help other higher ranks with there builds there is no limit to what you can do except for plugins of course. What Does Hero do? Well...they have access to what azurans have but have lite-sniper, they can terraform for any ranks,they can help build with anything, they can also host build offs, they can answer questions that you may have...They can direct you to the right person, they are the hero's of the servers...well not literally but ya know. What do designers do? These can help design stuff for community builds even choose an organize them, they have limited World Edit and full sniper, they have access to all worlds.. they can host time lapses as long as its talk to and through with an admin...they can help move stuff as long as there not to big they can take schematics. They can design segments to go into PlotWorld as a guide to them :) What do Council do? Well there job is to help and guide tourist to the right places...offer advice when you what you could do with your build..and of course teach you,they can host build offs, timelapses,communitybuilds, and recommend you to admin..They can kick , they have full world-edit, full sniper and there awesome people to help you What do admins do? Well admins moderate the server they can kick and ban, they make sure council are doing what there suppose to do and over all they keep an eye on plugins, they update them..they keep the server running..they also advertise the server, and keep the website running they make sure that everyone is all good and are having fun and try to keep everyone happy :)... so thats the ranks explained and what we are about...don't forget that the most important thing to add to a build is detail :) we love detailed exterior, Tip: Our admins also love the use of interior it makes your build have a purpose :) Do's and Dont's 1.Do plan your build 2. Do some research i.e if you like medieval look on Google 3. Don't copy another persons build from any server 4.Do be creative in Ur construction 5. Don't build square houses...add shapes 6. Don't asked to be rank 7 Do ask for advice if needed! 8.Don't be mean if a rank gives you advice ask them nicely to wait till you finished for example 'i know your only trying to help but my build isn't finished, could you wait till i ask,Thank you' not 'get off my plot i don't need your opinion i did not ask for help' speaking nicely will earn trust and respect. 9.Do add detail to your build plain old flat wall is boring 10.Don't spam, otherwise you will be banned! 11. Don't grief another person building this will result in long term ban 12.Do read all rules and Do please listen to staff members 13.Do have fun and laugh enjoy your time here make friends :D I think that just about sums up the server, feel free to add me to Skype(pinktigereyes2012 or join the serve, ip:- :) We look forward to see you build with us! thanks for reading Pinktigereyes Additional Details We are a creative server that drives people to success of creativity, being imaginative as posssible to head in the direction you want to take weather its more advice to building cities and others. Game Version: Minecraft 1.4.7 Tags: Creative Credit: we proudly support nfoservers and craftbukkit and all the plugin creators