- Some good fun for the fans but it isn't great as expected.

User Rating: 6 | Might & Magic X: Legacy (Early Access) PC

I am a massive fan of RPGs to me this genre offers the most bang for your buck in the gaming industry as it takes time to level characters and read all the lore you encounter. Same can be said for this title.


This game has an insane difficulty slider, one second it is easy then it smacks you in the face with "have some impossible odds" and thats on the normal difficulty. And gamers will find this happening very early on in the game from the first mission given to you.

The first mission involves cleaning out spiders from the town well, hey great you say - let's do it, by the end of it you will probably be doing it a number of times because the Queen Spider is extremely tough and requires luck to really best her. And don't get me started on the top of the lighthouse.....

Fortunately it is not always like that, and some combat is challenging but is more realistically beatable, but enemies in certain parts of the map have no indication of their level, so you may find yourself dying to these guys a few times ;)

So SAVE MORE AND OFTEN and in different slots and name them appropriately, because you could easily have to backtrack.

One major flaw is the games bugs currently, you can't reach the 2nd town because of a path blockage until you do what you have to do, this is good, but those blocks have been forgotten later on and you can venture into areas and towns (like The Crag) far too early which results in quests later on being bugged. For example, if you go to The Crag and later on accept a quest to take a letter to the leader there, you cannot complete it as the trigger for arriving to The Crag has now been used earlier (which I believe to be the shaded unexplored squares). So it is easy to potentially break the main quest also this way, hence why I said many saves.

But this has all been negative so far, there is good also, the lore has been done extremely well with well written text on topics that may help you along the line, some good old fashioned riddles to open doors and chests and the obligatory secret areas to be found as is par for most RPG games.

The GFX isn't astounding, but this is a D&D type game and not Dragon Age, The Witcher etc, so it is good enough, although some town walls and doors seem to lack texture close up which can be a bit disappointing. The music is impressive though, your atypical fanfare march type music.... but for some reason with me personally I ended up with 2 music tracks after a couple of hours playing the game, which resulted in a lot of lag. And there is a lot of lag at one point of the map around Seahaven.

Unfortunately the game has some bugs and that feel of unfinishedness like it has been hurried in the later stages, which is a shame as this could have been something special, lets hope the promised DLC will be of adequate quality and size as I feel DLC these days are far too short and not done well. And the lack of response from the developers is a bit disappointing.

Still it is worth it for the RPG fans as the replayability is there since you can modify your team to host a variety of classes and skills, and of course the lore, if you buy the digital deluxe you get all future DLC when released and some extras like a free copy of Might and Magic VI (which is damn good for its time). But the bugs are an unfortunate happenstance so I gave the game 6/10.