Mighty big waste of time and money.

User Rating: 5 | Might & Magic: Heroes VI PC
I only have M&M 5 to compare to; 6 has no improvements outside of maybe some extra cut-scenes that aren't bad. Now strap on for the downhill ride. There is plenty of extra dialog, which may have been good, but it's written by a European 11 year old girl and voice acted by autistic eunuchs. I could get past this (mercifully there is a skip button) if there weren't so many other onerous infractions. Let's start with the graphics, whoa, someone warped back to 2003, lame. Gameplay moving on the map and in battles is straight forward and fine, but in city mode it's a b*tch-slap to the face every time you try to get in and out of there and do everything: laborious and just plain weak. OK so this game is pretty boring but I'm still playing it until....I'm on map 2 and cleared the whole map except for one fort. I have three forts, the computer AI one. But at the end of each week, I get about 90 new creatures and it gets close to 300. Say what? Yep, naturally it was impossible to storm the castle with that overwhelming force so I camped outside and waiting on neutral ground, and every week he marches out with a new hero and 3 times my creatures (combined with his garrison). Lame, lame, lame. The game is not good enough to start the map over (maybe I should have cleared those guys out before the ghoul castle), I mean, what really is the point, so I uninstalled it. Better games await.