Unfortunately can't play 1/2 the time because their servers are down Servers down for 2nd weekend in a ro

User Rating: 1 | Might & Magic: Heroes VI PC
My wife & I have played the heroes series for years in Hot Seat format. Unfortunately we've been denied the right to play the game I paid for 50% of the time becuse their servers are down so often. I respect the game makers' right to battle piracy. I myself am very anti-piracy minded and I avoid trading games & music with friends for this reason. BUT, to deny me the right to play the game I paid for (full price BTW!) is unacceptable.

I suggest avoiding any Ubisoft game that required internet connection to play. I had intended to buy the new Anno game they've recently released but I'll not be buying now that I see it also submits you to reliance on Ubisoft servers.

The game play when you can connect is as good as in past games of the series. I'm not at all a fan of all the stat tracking and social format stuff thats presented in such a frontal fashion with this game. I just want to jump in and play. I don't have any interest whatsoever in displaying my "accomplishments" in game. Seriously? next time please spend the resources developing more maps (very limited number included) or improving the servers.

UPDATE - Servers down for 2nd weekend in a row when wife and I tried to play. downgraded score from 3 to 1