This game is pretty much pure crap.

User Rating: 3.5 | Might & Magic: Heroes VI PC
I don't get it. The game is so linear. Put all your troops with 1 hero and plod through it if you can. This is of course talking about the campaign. In the old games, maybe leaving some troops behind to defend, or how you used your movement to stay ahead of the enemy, or deciding what you wanted to produce at which town; those elements were fun. In this game I haven't seen any of those elements. You'll defeat a computer opponent army and his army will respawn a turn or two later and come out and attack you again. Really? Even one turn later I've had the same army come out equal to or greater to my own when I just defeated the same army the computer now has again. This game is a complete letdown from what I was expecting. HOMM5 was not that great, but it was truer to the original series than this thing is. And of course we are all looking for the rewarding gameplay we got from HOMM3. There is none of that here. Even 4 is better than this thing. Another thing I'm really sick of is each campaign you have some incredibly built up boss at the end and you have to sit for weeks hitting 'end turn' to build up an army to defeat it. The 'boss fights' are stupid in this type of game. Save them for mmos.