As with most Heroes games, its always a fun play.

User Rating: 7 | Might & Magic: Heroes VI PC
The sixth installment of Heroes was a long awaited and much welcome release for my wife and I. We always enjoy playing these and this was no exception. Thankfully, the producers of this game did not forget about their hot seat crowd (unlike Civ V which took eons to get a patch out of that allowed for hot seat play).

Although the graphics were clean and there were some major overhauls done on the creatures and races which made this version fresh and interesting, there are some negatives as follows:
- Glitchy in the campaign mode
- Fewer choices for races
- Castle layout is not as user friendly, makes navigating upgrades and dwellings more difficult
- Standard hard copy disc felt cheap and lacked printed material such as creature and castle maps that were missed
- Multiplayer online connectivity was horrible, even without people leaving game randomly. Best played from one PC with a bunch of friends or on LAN if people are committed and stick it out to end.