WORSE M&M released !! An expansion infested with bugs and UPLAY problems that does not add nothing really so new

User Rating: 6 | Might & Magic: Heroes VI - Shades of Darkness PC
First of all upon installing this expansion my progress in the main game was wiped out !!! New bugs are discovered each day, even old bugs reappear like the "flashing mouse cursor bug" that was introduced in the vanilla game !!!

Playing the game until now i notice that there is nothing really new compared to its predecessor . There is a new campaign story of course which is a "hit or miss" but the gameplay is almost the same with nothing original along with the negative gameplay elements that Ubisoft introduced to the series...

M&M latest games made by Ubisoft are totally dumped down they have turned the series into bug-fest and the gameplay feels way inferior compared to the older games of the series.

Anyway i am thinking of uninstalling the game from my PC i am disappointed for spending money for this. Fortunately Age of Wonders III comes this autumn and it looks way more interesting