Midnight Pool Cheats For Mobile

  1. Move Cue Ball, Replay Shot, Win, Lose & Unlock all at the touch of a button!!

    Once the game has loaded and you select any mode of play, one you have played the lag or/and when the ball has been placed on the table and your in the position to aim, press the star (*) key and a new screen will pop up with a choice of either moving the cue ball at any moment in the game, replay a shot, win a game, lose a game!! or unlock all characters, tables, colours etc by pressing a number key representing the chosen cheat. Easy!!

    Effect Effect
    * Exit Cheat
    Key 4 Lose
    Key 1 Move Cue Ball
    Key 2 Replay Shot
    key 5 Unlock All
    Key 3 Win

    Contributed by: Afrokid 

Midnight Pool Cheats For Wii

  1. Additional Characters

    Defeat a character twice in story mode to unlock them.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Defeat Mike twice in story mode Mike
    Defeat Nico twice in story mode Nico
    Defeat Spike twice in story mode Spike

    Contributed by: do_0m