Midnight Mysteries: Devil on the Mississippi Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Unlock Unlimited Hidden Object Mode. Beady Eyes
    Complete each HOG in Story Mode without the lantern. Black Hole
    Find all of them 80 bones in "Dem Bones." Bone Dry
    Find all the boats in Deptford without a miss. Dead Eye
    Complete Story Mode. Devil's Advocate
    Find every hidden object in all Unlimited HO Mode scenes. Devil's in the Details
    Solve all the puzzles in Story Mode. Golden Geek
    Complete a hidden object scene in less than a minute in Story mode. HOG Wild
    Clear the pool table in one shot. Hustler
    Collect 100 clovers in Story Mode. Irish Rover
    Complete the bonus chapter. Mark Twain Award
    Complete the Captain's lock puzzle. Master Locksmith
    Collect all the ravens in Story Mode. Ornithologist
    Complete Story Mode without using any hints. Perfect
    Collect the skull from Joe. Poor Yorick
    Complete Story Mode with no Black Cat scares. Scaredy Cat

    Contributed by: Guard Master