The MC series is back, in LA! This could be the racer of the year, but is it just a touch too hard?

User Rating: 9 | Midnight Club: Los Angeles PS3
So, if you are looking for a good street racing game that isn't in the NFS series, you've come to the right place. MC:LA is the fourth sequel in the Midnight club series.

If you played DUB edition and thought that was fun, MC:LA takes fun to a whole level up. You start with a banged-up range of cars, then work your way up to get a World-class street machine. (or 'machines' if you are really rich) The gameplay is so much fun, cars react as you would expect them to, and the customization has to be one of the best seen in any other racing game to date.

Despite all of this, there is only ONE drawback that holds this almost-perfect racing game from getting a 10. The difficulty. You'll probably know challenging games are lots of fun, but R* just pushed the Difficulty a little to high. the AI never seem to make mistakes, unless you push them into something hard. They are perfect through tight turns, and if you spin out, there is little chance of you coming back. Unless the opponent is THAT easy.

Thankfully, you can still win cash and rep points if you finish last. In fact, you can complete the game finishing last. Just not a quickly as winning.

Overall, Midnight Club: LA is a totally fun, action-packed racing game with a great online system, cool power ups and Cops to chase you round the city. Definately worth a rent, if not, a must-buy.