Midnight Club BABY!!! Oh yea!! Im gonna put a lot of time into this game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Midnight Club: Los Angeles PS3
My review is based on a previous review, so you can sort of say this is continuation of my Midnight Club 3 PSP review. This game is really fun to play & the graphics are really detailed. Its made by the same company that makes the Grand Theft Auto series and it has the look of those games. I spent many hours playing Midnight Club on PSP and I dont think this game will be any different. This game purely based on the city streets of Los Angeles. It hits the nail on the head for that city. You start the game as a new guy moving into the city looking for action. You meet a lot of stereotypical west coast personalities and personal. They seem to talk smack to you with those Nextel chirp phones. I dont really like the smack talking part of the game because after a while they just repeat the same insults over and over. Some of the insults are funny when you first hear them, but again after a while the become lame. Midnight Club on PSP didnt have that feature and you raced in silence. Another part I dont like much is the random phone calls and pages from mechanics and racers. This feature introduces too many racers/characters to the game too fast. Im just starting so I dont know if I will eventually get to know who all the main racers are, but its really over whelming at the start of the game. The selection of cars is OK, I have not seen anything I have not really seen before in the other game. You have your tuners, muscles, low riders, exotics, luxury cars & bikes to pick from and customize how ever you want. Right now I am still racing tuners and muscle cars and getting a better hang of the game. The police chase system is why better this time of round. On Midnight Club 3, I remember the police would just randomly chase you during a wreck with the goal of just wrecking you. You didnt get arrested, you didnt pay a fine they would just wreck you and drive off loll. In this game the police system is much better, not only do they pursue you but you get fined and arrested. You can evade them and you get rep points for doing this. Overall I say Midnight Club LA is a well put together game. If you like those Fast & Furious movies this game will be up your alley. I looks like Grand Theft Auto, but feels like a street racer. All and all its a little bit better than Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition, mainly in graphics, game play & open world. If you dont want organized races and want a street racing experience. Pick this up. Coolyfett signing out!!!