Midnight Club LA

User Rating: 7 | Midnight Club: LA Remix PSP
The game will be set in the city of Los Angeles, again providing the option to completely free-roam (on roadways quite larger than all the cities combined from Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition). New additions are a day-to-night cycle and weather effects, adding a realistic aspect to the game. After races, if any damage is inflicted upon the vehicle, the player doesn't necessarily have to drive back to the garage for a full repair, but instead can choose the Quick Fix option through which old, junkyard-esque parts will be added to the car. To get the nice look back, the player must actually drive back to repair their vehicle at a garage so actually totaling the vehicle completely is not possible anymore. With the RAGE system being used for this game, as with Grand Theft Auto IV, traffic level will fluctuate throughout the day, with heavy traffic in the morning and afternoon, and little to no traffic at night. Motorcycles are once again a big part of the game, though only two models have been featured on the website and in video footage, the Kawasaki ZX-14 and the Ducati 999R. Convertibles, customizable interiors and customizable exotics are new additions.

Police return but are no longer scripted to a specific race, they will chase you no matter where you are and the longer you run from them, the higher your fine if you are pulled over. Developers placed great emphasis on the elimination of load screens, stating that the player can literally jump from career mode to an arcade race in under ten seconds. The new dynamic weather system has been reported to alter the gameplay experience, making the vehicle more prone to sliding in the rain.