Awesome, but could have been better!

User Rating: 7.5 | Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition PSP
I just remembered this game and thought help some guys who're buying or I can say for those who love Midnight Club!

Impressive cars, cannot afford in real life but everything is possible in Midnight Club! With COMPLETE LICENSED vehicles and tons of other brands this game is cool.

But is this ONLY a game offers?

Na! The game is slow, loading is HORRIBLE! No matter you can modify cars bikes and all that but whats the use?
The background I feel is boring! Atlanta, Detroit, bla bla.. May be good in real life but not in game.

I love DUB, and the box-shot cars as well.

I'm sure, at least believe me as a human being, the loading irritates a lot, you won't even feel like playing. But curious guys like me would wait like a Jackass!

Not worth buying I say, but nice vehicles, DUB, is enough!

Get it, Play it and Rate it!