Awesome! This game offers it all. Multiplayer, a lot of tuning options and great differences in classes. Def. worth $20!

User Rating: 8.8 | Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition PSP

This game offers different gameplay for different type of vehicles. It's pick up and play and easy to understand. After you progress in the game it's harder to control the vehicle but that offers statisfaction when you have mastered you driving skills. With the super abilities of each cars you can influence you're cars driving behaviour with skills like slomo time. Graphics:

For the psp it's one heck of a game. The visuals truely are awesome and great color patern. After buying the psp game i also bought the ps2 version and the color pallet is as great as i tought it would be. You will never get the real deep purple or deep orange you might want. The game hasn't got any blur which hurts the graphic quality. They should have added some anti aliasing and the graphics would be perfect.


Whether you are a fan of dance or Hip-Hop you will find it all in this game. Great songs from well know others like T.I. & Twista. There is an massive playlist which sounds great while driving with 120 mphs an hour.


I did spent 80 hours playing the game. I did complete it in 30-40 hours but there still are matches you can play over or matches you haven't played yet. You can allways redo races and earn that cash you will need to complete you're car collection.


I definitly recommand this game. It offers it all and it is one of the best 'arcade' racing games i've ever played. This game is way better as it's competition on the psp. Buy it!